Country Music History

One of the biggest music genres in history has to be country. Country music is certainly unique and it’s not always one style of music which is greatly appreciated. However, in the USA, this is a very popular style of music and it’s certainly winning many hearts and minds. In a way, country is one to be admired but it’s not something which is well known throughout the world as it’s mainly limited to the USA. There is still a big following for it but it isn’t as well established as many other music styles are. So, what’s the history of country music?

Early Roots

Surprisingly, the roots of country and western music dates back to Ireland rather than the US. For hundreds of years, Irish immigrants have played their part in bringing country music to the US and even though it wasn’t always popular, it has a big following in the US. It wasn’t really until the 1920s when it gained popularity and it has continued to grow ever since. However, the great thing about this is that there are lots of types of instruments which can be used in pieces such as the banjo and the fiddle. In a way, there was a clash of cultures in order to create country style music.


The Booming Industry

From the early recordings, country was certainly one of the biggest sellers in US music history and it does have a big following, even today. Atlanta was one of the first destinations in the US to take country seriously and to see recordings begin. What’s more, it had a lot of different styles, blends even and a big following ensued. However, in the 1950s, there was a slow decline in country sale and it wouldn’t really be until the ’80s and ’90s when country really took off again the US. Since then, it hasn’t really slowed down. There have been many big country and western stars that have brought their best country music to the court.

Country Music History

Is Country Really as Strong as It Was?

Country has got far stronger than what it was in the ’40s and ’50s. Right now, there are many big named stars that have sold millions of albums worldwide and are easily recognisable. However, there is a special following for country and it’s shown throughout the US. Country is a unique element of the music industry and it’s something which people just seem to fall in love with. You too can fall in love with it.

A Rich History

The country music history has often been rich and, even though there were a few decades where there was a decline, today it’s going stronger than ever. It looks as though country music will continue to get stronger and become more sought after as the popularity of the genre grows. You might not have thought country would be a popular fad in the USA and yet it is. Music such as country really is unique in many ways and it will continue to be at the top of the music pile for a while yet. Continue reading here