Singing Exercises

Singing exercises are important for all singers, professional or amateur, expert or beginner. Not only do they improve your singing ability, but they warm up the vocal chords, which after all is a muscle.

To better appreciate the importance of vocal exercises a basic understanding of how the voice works is a good idea.

Singing a high-quality note in a fine tone means the outer muscles of the larynx must not be tense. The muscles used by everyone for eating, (chewing and swallowing), are used by singers to move the larynx up and down. The larynx is the lump in your throat that goes up and down when you swallow.

There are different ways to sing, and which suits you best is determined by the type of songs you wish to sing and by your ability to sing them.

Singing in the same relaxed way you would talk does not use the outer muscle of the larynx, so it remains relaxed during the song. There are many varying exercises for this type of singing, and as there is little strain on the vocal cords, the life and health of the voice is considerably longer.

Different types of singing exercises exist and each has a different function. They will help build up your vocal range, increase the strength of your voice and basically just make your voice better and last longer.

If you look at any type of singing lessons, singing exercises will figure prominently and early in the course. One example of this is the online course Singorama where lesson 1 teaches exercises to help improve your voice, amongst other things. This shows just how important these exercises are. Lesson 2 explains more exercises for strengthening your voice, while lesson 3 are more exercises again, but this time about breathing and posture.

Vocal warm up exercises

It is important not only to warm your voice up, but to cool it down too. Performing a few breathing exercises, or a few scales are usually enough. The most important thing is not so much what you do, as how you do it. Exercises done the wrong way can ruin your voice.

Breathing exercises

The diaphragm is a thin muscle dividing the rib cage from the other organs and it controls the flow of air. While we can not control the diaphragm, we can control the muscles around it.

These exercises teach you breath control and how to use your diaphragm and the surrounding muscles so you can sing louder or softer. You learn how to tense the diaphragm and muscles, this is what lets you hold the higher notes and sing faster or disjointed, (where the notes do not flow into each other), songs. It is important to be able to “breathe” correctly before starting to sing, even though I am sure you do it each day anyway, but with time most people breathe in a lethargic way, using only the upper part of the lungs.

Correct breathing is the foundation for singing. You wouldn’t build a house in a field without laying the foundations, why do it with your voice?

Vocal strength exercises

These will determine how you convey the song to listeners and enhance your tone and pitch making the general delivery better.

Relaxation exercises

If you are tense, stressed or worried this will affect your singing ability and consistency, so it is a good idea to learn a few basic relaxation exercises to alleviate tension.

Singorama, an online singing course, offers the possibility to record the exercises you do so that you can hear what you are doing and see what progress you are making. There is little point in keeping practicing if it does not sound right. They also include a piano function so you can hear if you are staying on the right pitch or not. Most people just do their exercises, believing that it only requires “doing”, but this program helps you do it right, saving your voice and at the same time helping you to improve without the expense of a vocal coach.

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Music Is the Best Way to Attain Peace of Mind

Do you know how powerful music can be? In a way, music has a unique power over a single person as it has the ability to captivate and mesmerise and yet we don’t always use it to the best of its abilities. It can be very much possible to use music as a way to help attain peace of mind. OK, so most people think that’s rubbish, but why? Why does it have to be? Music has good healing properties—far more than what you might actually believe. Music might just be one of the simplest methods to help someone get peace of mind.

You Find You’re Less Stressed out after Listening to Music

After a long day at work or at school, people find themselves stressed and anxious about the little things. However, over time those little things can turn into big things and, for most people, they struggle to actually overcome their stresses and strains. Through the use of music, it might be possible to find someone find a way to become less stressed and attain peace of mind. After listening to music, you can find you have removed some of the stresses of everyday life and feel a lot better about things too.

Music Is the Best Way to Attain Peace of Mind

A Good Soothing Song Can Make You Feel More Relaxed and at Ease

Soothing songs can put your mind at ease and help you to sit back and relax. Far too many people don’t always get the opportunity to relax and feel better about themselves. However, with music, it can help you find a simple way to relax. Being at ease is not always easy and it’s something which most people struggle with which is why music is being looked into more and more. In a way, you can find it really helps those who are struggling to find their peace of mind.

Inspiration and Concentration

Concentration and focus are two things which most people struggle to find. It can be often frustrating to lose focus or concentration after a few short minutes but that’s how most people are programmed. However, through music, it might be very much possible to help retain focus and concentration. What’s more, music can be a fantastic outlet for inspiration and drawing the mind into thinking about things not thought about before. Creativity can be unleashed through music and it certainly has the ability to impose greatly.

Find Peace of Mind

Do you know how to achieve peace of mind? For some, it’s not so much as answering a simple question. For many, however, they look at many avenues in order to find the one which is most useful to them. Music can be one of the best options to look into when it comes to attaining peace of mind and really finding focus. It might not seem to be such a big influence on you today but it has something special about it that gives your mind the strength and willingness to find peace and calmness. Music can be a great outlet for many and you might find it also helps you.

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Effect of Music on Us: Why Is It So Big?

What do you feel when you listen to music? Do you feel any different? Do you think you have changed an opinion over a certain matter or do you feel there are no effects whatsoever? It’s said music has an effect on a person and that the response from that person can be major. However, is it really possible for music to have such an effect on someone? Can someone be influenced by music and why is the reaction to music so big? Read on to find out more in detail.

Invokes Senses and Feelings

Music can affect people in all sorts of ways. For some, music can invoke new senses and feelings and it’s all because of our minds. The psychology of the music is unique in every which way and yet it really can impact us all differently. For some, they can hear music and not react in the slightest but, for others, they can react in a major way. It’s unique but that’s the beauty and sometimes the mystery of music. It’s effects are well known but also people are affected in such a big way because of their minds and how it influences it.

Effect of Music on Us: Why Is It So Big?

Change the Way You Think

Don’t think there is any effects from music on the mind or body? Well, why don’t you sit down and listen to a piece of music—any music—and see if your way of thinking has changed? Sometimes, music can be so powerful it can actually change the entire thinking process of your mind. It’s unusual but exciting because it’s fantastic how much music can change a person’s mind and way of thinking. There are so many people who have been influenced by music and have changed the way they act in life because of it. It’s really interesting to say the least.

Making the Body React to What It Hears

Music is a powerful drug for many people today. People get lost in the words, in the sounds they hear and just adore it all. However, the reason why music has such an effect on the body is down to how the body feels when it hears the music. Some people can feel more positively about themselves when they listen to a good song and others just love the tempo and beat of the music. The effect of music on the mind and body is so unique and different in every single person. Some really find it stimulating and others enjoy it but only to a certain degree. It’s the beauty of music and how much it impacts us. Music affect’s the body and it makes the body react to what it hears and how it hears it.

You Can Never Predict a Response

In a way, you can’t always tell how you will react when you hear music. You might find you feel sadder or suddenly more upbeat and then, at other times, you start to feel a little unsure. At the end of the day, music can affect the body, mind, and soul and its impact can be great too. The reason why is down to how someone reacts and what their mindset is really like. Music really is a fickle thing and it has the ability to impact lives in a variety of manners.

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Country Music History

One of the biggest music genres in history has to be country. Country music is certainly unique and it’s not always one style of music which is greatly appreciated. However, in the USA, this is a very popular style of music and it’s certainly winning many hearts and minds. In a way, country is one to be admired but it’s not something which is well known throughout the world as it’s mainly limited to the USA. There is still a big following for it but it isn’t as well established as many other music styles are. So, what’s the history of country music?

Early Roots

Surprisingly, the roots of country and western music dates back to Ireland rather than the US. For hundreds of years, Irish immigrants have played their part in bringing country music to the US and even though it wasn’t always popular, it has a big following in the US. It wasn’t really until the 1920s when it gained popularity and it has continued to grow ever since. However, the great thing about this is that there are lots of types of instruments which can be used in pieces such as the banjo and the fiddle. In a way, there was a clash of cultures in order to create country style music.


The Booming Industry

From the early recordings, country was certainly one of the biggest sellers in US music history and it does have a big following, even today. Atlanta was one of the first destinations in the US to take country seriously and to see recordings begin. What’s more, it had a lot of different styles, blends even and a big following ensued. However, in the 1950s, there was a slow decline in country sale and it wouldn’t really be until the ’80s and ’90s when country really took off again the US. Since then, it hasn’t really slowed down. There have been many big country and western stars that have brought their best country music to the court.

Country Music History

Is Country Really as Strong as It Was?

Country has got far stronger than what it was in the ’40s and ’50s. Right now, there are many big named stars that have sold millions of albums worldwide and are easily recognisable. However, there is a special following for country and it’s shown throughout the US. Country is a unique element of the music industry and it’s something which people just seem to fall in love with. You too can fall in love with it.

A Rich History

The country music history has often been rich and, even though there were a few decades where there was a decline, today it’s going stronger than ever. It looks as though country music will continue to get stronger and become more sought after as the popularity of the genre grows. You might not have thought country would be a popular fad in the USA and yet it is. Music such as country really is unique in many ways and it will continue to be at the top of the music pile for a while yet. Continue reading here

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